About Us

EH AutoLink is a company that selling new and used car engine, spare parts and rebuilding gearbox. We are top specialized for Cylinder Head, Turbocharger, Gearbox, Diff Gear, Driveshaft, and other parts. We strive the excellence of product quality, durability, and reliability. Your presence will be our top priority since we have specialized in automotive parts for over 30 years.

EH Auto Link is a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur. Established for over 3 decades, EH Auto Link has been importing automotive parts from Japan, Korea, China and India. Wholesaling and retailing them nationwide as well as to many countries around the world.

To this day, EH Auto Link stands as one of the most trusted name in this business. Our dedication, commitment to quality services, professionalism, products dependability and competitive prices are among the reasons that underlie our success.  Various successful products have been developed and distributed both locally and internationally.

The company advocates its commitment to serve all of our customers auto parts needs by offering them the concept and convenience of shopping under one roof. Our team of professionals will enthusiastically give you a complete and competitive line of automotive products that you require at a guaranteed greater price savings that will also come with the best customer support.

EH Auto Link main line of products are the engine, transmission and their component parts. EH Auto Link strives to be a notable name when it comes to stock availability. We are continuously replenishing our stocks, beefing up our warehousing facilities. 

We value your time and money as much as we value our name in the business. At EH Auto Link, customers satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Visit our physical store at Kepong Industrial Park.