Gearbox Warranty

EH Auto Link warrants each product to be free of defects in material for a period of 1 month/30 days and for our rebuilt gearbox to be free in both material and workmanship for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. The warranty is valid only when the product is properly installed, subjected to normal use and service, does not fail due to negligence and is not modified, altered or used for racing or competition purposes in any way.

Customers who believe they have a defective product should either return it to the dealer from which it was purchased along with proof of purchase and a complete description of the defect or problem with its original packaging. If a thorough inspection by the manufacturer indicates defects in materials or workmanship, our sole obligation shall be to repair or replace the product. The manufacturer shall at all times be the sole judge of any claim. The warranty does not include installation, shipping or removal costs.

EH Auto Link shall not be liable for any and all consequential damages occasioned by the breach of any written or implied warranty pertaining to the sale of its products in excess of the purchase price of the product sold.